Africa Legal News- Simplifying Legal News

Lenin Chisaira is an environmental lawyer who is merging Law and his passion for the environment with digital media. This passionate environmentalist recently established a regional legal news website called Africa Legal News. The website content is available to people around the world and mainly targets Law students and practitioners, media practitioners as well as those in civil society.

“”Africa Legal News is a platform where simplified legal news and updates are shared. We give updates on the African Legal scene concerning human rights, and critical environmental updates on climate change, land mining and wildlife justice.”, – explains Lenin Tinashe Chisaira, Environmental Lawyer and founder of  Africa Legal News

The best of both worlds

The idea behind Africa Legal news is to bring together journalists and lawyers, in a collaborative effort to frame the narrative on topical issues. This is driven by the knowledge gap, in environmental and human rights law, which makes most people unable to debate or engage from a position of knowledge.

“We hope that in near future we’ll be able to share more videos and podcasts in order to reach a wider audience ” – says Lenin.

Delving into the untapped territory of digital media

Lenin says he is working on developing a robust media engagement strategy with the aim of increasing the readership. Once Africa Legal News begins to generate significant website traffic, Lenin will proceed with the advertising strategy in order to sustain the initiative.

One of the major challenges Africa Legal News faces is the significant internet tariffs in the country, which fores many Zimbabweans to limit their use of the internet significantly. Lenin shares that this is one of the reasons, and the scope of Africa Legal News goes far beyond the Zimbabwean audience.

“Times have changed and we cannot run away from the digital revolution. Africa Legal News is here to ensure no legal mind is left behind. Our platform will be the leading media platform for informative and well researched news on the global legal landscape, from the African perspective.“ – concludes Lenin.

For more information, please visit Africa Legal News facebook page.

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