Advocacy Organization – Kenya

“Being that in our country we are cultured on employment after school and this employment most time is not there, where else there is an opportunity to do social entrepreneurship. I do encourage and guide these youths to involve and be social entrepreneurs”.

Advocacy Organization

Irene Anyango is a Kenyan young lady working in an Advocacy Organization in Kenya where she deals in different fields on Advocacy it being Social Entrepreneurship Trainings. She holds workshops for the youths and youngstars where she mentors and encourages them on the importance of savings on the little they get and involve themselves in social entrepreneurship. This acts as a wakeup call to most youths who takes part in these workshops and they do involve themselves in being social entrepreneurs. Most young people struggles with life and there are lots of opportunity to be social entrepreneur where in these workshops youths are guided well and directed on how to take advantage of the challenges in the community around them and bring change to themselves and to the community.

These workshops are normally organized through mobilization of youths from different parts of Ngong Nairobi area, Matatu Conductors, Churches and youth groups who intend to become the future social entrepreneurs and those who are already in entrepreneurship. In this Advocacy organization they have a free meeting hall where they makes good use of it in offering free social entrepreneurship and human rights trainings. They do this in support of the local government and community.

Advocacy Organization

At the same time they face a challenge on mobilization of these youths from different areas. Also most of them lucks the little capital to start, where else they advices and guides them on the little savings to make and start a social business which will uplift them. Although most youths as they attend the workshop tends to have ideas on business they wish to be involved in, Irene does train them and advice them of the way and tactics to start on and grow to level of entrepreneurs they wish to be. The impact of these workshops has always been commendable since a good number of participants have started their own social business. This has created a positive impact unto those youths, their families and the community around them. It has reduced a big level of bad behavioral amongst the young people who have changed unto being independent in their life as they impact the community positively.

After the trainings, Irene through this organization keeps in contact with these newly formed social entrepreneurs, those who are in social entrepreneurship and keeps the guidance in case of any queries as a support to their activities.

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