Study visits (Social Startup Safari): in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya

Each of the social startup safari is to be lasting 5 days and during this time the participants from Europe will have the chance to see how the social entrepreneurship businesses as well as needs of young people and the social business infrastructure in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Led by the host organizations, the participants meet different stakeholders connected to young people and assess their needs and demands. They can be discovering the local social entrepreneurship ecosystem in each of the sub-Saharan partner countries, as well as they can network and share experiences and knowledge in non-formal areas.

Each Social Startup Safari is a link between the research/mapping of local social entrepreneurship projects and the training courses for young social entrepreneurs and the establishment of social enterprises.

Every business has a beginning. People everywhere are driven by passion and get can be inspired to be led to the creation of something new. 

Study visit in Rwanda (6.-10.October 2017)

The first study visit happened in Rwanda. Where our local partner Never Forget Rwanda has welcomed us and recommended the social business and relevant players to be visited. We have been amazed by seeing the social start-ups, developing ideas as well as already functioning co-working spaces and other social businesses.

Study visit in Uganda (11.-16.October 2017)

After Rwanda we moved to our second destination of the study visits in Uganda. Our project partner in Uganda Let Us Save Uganda prepared an unforgettable experience for us introducing us to the social innovators, developers, ideas- creator as well as similar to Rwanda functioning co-working spaces and other social businesses.

Study visit in Kenya (4.-8.12.2017)

Our third study visit in Kenya was again full of meetings with social entrepreneurs, accelerators, ministries, university representatives, NGOs, impact investors and many more. We managed to get a very good understanding of the developments in the field of social entrepreneurship in East Africa.