10 Interesting Facts on Social Entrepreneurship in Macedonia

There are approximately 40 to 70 social enterprises in the country.
Most of the education on social entrepreneurship happens within the sphere of non-formal education based on training courses and workshops.


“Krushevo Women” was established as a social enterprise to support women in developing their entrepreneurial activities, their products were unified under one brand “It’s homemade, it’s from Krushevo…” with professionally designed packaging, which was given to all participating women.

“Association SOLEM” is one of first citizen association is an organization that adults with the intellectual disability work to inform, encourage and empower to be a part of social entrepreneurship.

“ARNO” with the idea of a food truck or a restaurant on wheels is aimed at promoting vocational school students in order to successfully launch them in the labour market and easier transition of young people from Macedonia from school to working engagement.

The University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy, is the first educational institution that included social entrepreneurship as one of the courses in the undergraduate studies on social work and social policy.

“Button”, as part of the Red Cross Skopje, is one of the first specialized second-hand shops in Macedonia. In this shop, clean and well persevered second-hand clothing can be bought. “Button” also employs people from more vulnerable social groups.

“One can” is the first social business in Macedonia that employees single mums. They produce ecological products based on bee derivatives and natural oil.

“Nega Plus” is a social enterprise providing professional services for the care and nurture of old and infirm persons in their homes, which has been formed as part of the activities of the Health Education and Research Association – H.E.R.A. The social mission of the enterprise is to improve the economic and personal well-being of Roma women who are faced with social and economic marginalization in the City of Skopje.

• “The pretty face of Skopje”, is a map that showcases positive examples of socially engaged places around Skopje run by families and friends, places that offer products that are organic, homemade, healthy, creative and honest.

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